Loose Leaf Green Teas

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Loose Leaf Green Teas come from the same plant as black teas, but they are distinctly different because of how tea is processed.

Green teas are known to have a lower amount of caffeine than black teas but enough to give you a boost of energy, and they have many health benefits. Just like loose leaf black teas, green tea leaves can be left as is or be mixed with other oils, fruit, and flavorings. This creates a wide variety of green teas, from traditional greens like “Yin Hao Jasmine” to the nutty, tropical flavors of “Charleston Green.”

The most important thing to remember is that green tea leaves are far more delicate than black teas and cannot handle boiling water, as such temperatures will scald them, causing the tea to be bitter. Instead, the green tea leaves prefer simmering water, about 180°F – 190°F (or 82°C – 88°C).

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