May 2018 – Sarah

We are excited to honor Sarah as May’s Employee of the Month! Sarah has been part of The St. James family since August of 2016 as both a Dishwasher/Expeditor and a Server, and we obviously love having her as this is her second nomination for Employee of the Month!

Sarah is a beautiful example of all our St. James Aspirations of Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence. She always has a warm smile and serves her coworkers without expecting anything in return. Her presence is known as one who constantly helps others, from lifting heavy boxes to covering shifts (even when it means a long day for her!).

Through her Servant’s Heart, Sarah is a great leader and positive influence on her team. In fact, this influence extends across the Tearoom, even to those who only have brief interactions with her. Just watch her interact and serve others, and you’ll know why we adore her!

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