July 2019 – Joaquin

We are pleased to honor Joaquin as July’s Employee of the Month! Joaquin has been with The St. James Tearoom since August of 2018 as one of our Servers. During his time here, he has had such an influence of dependability, knowledge, and humor!

Without any need for recognition, Joaquin is consistent in seeing a need and filling it. Within his serving team, he takes on the less-desirable tasks or comes in early seeking out tasks to lighten the burden for a team member in a future shift. Outside of his immediate team, he quickly jumps to aid any needs or struggles he may see—even if it is a small thing, such as opening a particularly difficult bucket lid.

Joaquin has been diligent in learning as quickly as he can—but not just for his personal betterment. Having a true Servant’s Heart, Joaquin strives to learn so that he may help his team to grow alongside him. This is our very definition of Excellence: bringing people up with you, and doing so consistently. He has such an awareness of the St. James as a whole, not just his fellow Servers. With a calm that is contagious, he encourages and delegates to ensure an excellent teatime for our guests.

Thank you, Joaquin, for your hard work and for setting the example of a Servant Leader!

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