The St. James Gazette & Market Scoop

July 2020 - #75

"A Neverland Adventure"

served June 30th - July 26, 2020

“Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first?” ~ J.M. Barrie


Our upcoming trip to Neverland will take us on a tour over the city of London to the second star on the right and straight on ’til morning. Peter Pan himself awaits your arrival with his Chicken Salad with Spiced Pecans, worthy of a rooster crow. Sample Princess Tiger Lily’s Pasty, which brings exotic spices together with coconut and pineapple. Nestle into a playful lifestyle as you enjoy the Lost Boys’ Sage Pecan Scone, and never forget the souvenir of the Mermaid Lagoon Clamshell Cookie.

Make your reservations soon, since our vacation to Neverland has limited availability!


Exclusive Tea Blend

Second Star to the Right

Shimmering with pixie dust and sprinkled with stars, Second Star to the Right is a delightful dessert scented black tea only available during “A Neverland Adventure!”

Enjoyed by pirates and Indians, mermaids and lost boys alike, this Market Exclusive tea will make your spirits soar.

A fresh splash of "Van Gogh, Smiling"

Iced Tea for Hot Days

Quench Your Thirst for a Little History

Tea may have originated elsewhere, but America has made its own contribution, had its own hand in worldwide tea culture.  It all happened in 1904, at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Most of the tea drunk in America at that time came from China, and an association of Indian tea producers wanted to change this. This association hired an Englishman, Richard Blechynden, to oversee a pavilion at the Fair, staffed with handsome, exquisitely mannered, and beturbaned Indian servers. In the sweltering heat of a Midwestern summer, however, hot tea did not appeal, no matter how exquisitely presented! And so Blechynden applied a creative solution: he began pouring his tea samples into glasses crammed with ice. People sampled. They came back with others to sample again. And again. Suddenly the Indian Tea Pavilion became a star attraction at the World’s Fair!

And in that moment, in America, a new tea tradition was born.

To help celebrate this tradition The St. James Market has a variety pack of tea curated for iced teas and inspired by beloved novels. A Stitch in Thyme is a lovely black tea with bright and refreshing flavors of orange and thyme. Found hidden away in a secret place is Garden Bouquet—a fruity and floral green tea. And the whimsical favorite Flamingo Croquet is fruity and nutty with the unusual inclusion of popcorn!

Here are a few tips on how to get that perfect little pitcher of the refreshing beverage:

1. Steep the tea hot as you would for a regular pot of tea. The hot water will bring out the full flavor and body of the tea. Then have the tea cool for an hour or two on the counter before putting in your refrigerator. Your iced tea should be ready to enjoy in just a couple of hours! For faster cooling time, put in your freezer in a safe container (we recommend plastic instead of glass or porcelain so the vessel is not shocked and shattered) and put a frozen ice pack or bag of ice cubes floating in the tea. This way the tea is cooling inside and out. Don’t leave in the freezer for too long so it doesn’t freeze!

2. Make ice cubes out of tea. To help your tea not become watered down by ice, try making ice cubes from the tea!

3. If you like a bit of extra sweetness in your tea, there are a couple of effective ways to make a nice sweet tea. The first is to sweeten your tea while it is still hot. Sugar does not dissolve very easily or quickly in the cold tea, so sweetening before cooling will help keep the sugar from just settling at the bottom of your glass. The second is to make a simple syrup and sweeten as you go. Since the sugar is already dissolved in water when you make a simple syrup, this will also give a nice even sweetness. This is a nice option if you are sharing that lovely pitcher of iced tea with guests so that each may sweeten to their liking!

Our Literary Iced Tea Variety Pack is $19.95.

Building Neverland

Tips on assembling your Neverland Meringue for carryout

Are you planning your teatime with the fairies or lost boys this July? The delicate nature of the Neverland Meringue pavlovas makes them best enjoyed immediately after the passion fruit filling is piped directly into the airy meringue shells. To keep them as fresh as possible, they will be served disassembled in carryout orders, allowing guests to pipe them freshly before enjoying! A simple way to fill the meringue shells from home is to insert the filling into a small sandwich bag and then snip the bottom corner to create a simple piping bag. Then just swirl the filling into the shell with a gentle squeeze and top with the fruit slices.

Inviting the Fairies to Tea

Creating the perfect Neverland Teatime Excursion

Create a tea party suitable for fairies and lost boys right in your own backyard or patio. If you are joining us for a pickup order this month for our full afternoon tea menu or some delightful scones and curd, our magical and sometimes rambunctious guests may have a few requests for joining you for tea.

A fairy is perfectly content with a little chair in a flower pot or making a little comfortable place in an old lantern. To serve them tea, kisses, or rather, thimbles, make excellent little cups. They will only need a little bit of whatever you may be eating: a crumb of scone, a drop of curd. But be careful, sugar may cause them to fly about in an energetic flutter, so make sure they are not sneaking extra sugar crystals in their cups of tea.

Fairies do enjoy the company of the Lost Boys, but if inviting to tea, they do feel right at home in a blanket fort. While they may ask to roast some marshmallows over the fire, for a tea party, they will be use as pleased with “Second Star to the Right” with its chocolate and marshmallow flavors. Lost Boys love stories over their tea and scones, and you may even be able to help teach them some tea etiquette through some funny children’s books—we think Wendy may appreciate the help!

We hope that whether you are enjoying tea under a blanket fort, aboard a pirate ship, or tucked away in your garden, that you may find a little joy and childlike wonder.

Available in The St. James Market: fairy garden items, children’s tea etiquette books, Second Star to the Right 2 oz. & 4 oz. bags for a limited time.