The St. James Gazette & Market Scoop ~ #72

“Dublin’s Fare: Cheers to Arthur Guinness”

Make the time this March to reconnect with your friends.

The winter months can be long and arduous between holidays, seasonal depression, and the cold weather. Our best defense against being overcome by these situations is found in the conversation and companionship of our friends. Being able to talk about our lives with someone we trust can not only help ward off seasonal blues, but help strengthen our connection with the people we care about, too.

If you’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately, take a minute to call a friend and see when they have some time for tea. After all, nothing is quite as soothing as a nice warm cup of tea shared between friends.
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Celtic Fire Ticket Giveaway

To help celebrate “Dublin’s Fare: Cheers to Arthur Guinness,” we are excited to partner with Popejoy Hall and gift our guests with tickets to enjoy song and dance during to the only performance in Albuquerque of “Michael Londra and The Celtic Fire” on March 8th!

Look for a lucky thistle in your teacup when you treat yourself to a teatime excursion during the first week of “Dublin’s Fare,” March 3rd – 7th, or check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram and tag a friend. You might go home with one of two sets of tickets to this unforgettable performance.

Weekends are already filling up for this popular theme; get in touch with your friends to pick your date, personalize your teatime, and then enjoy a menu that will leave you with a jig in your step!
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Featured Drink: Irish Cream Tea Shot

Add this non-alcoholic featured tea shot to your afternoon teatime
experience as a cheery treat!

When thinking about grabbing something to drink, you probably don’t ponder a beverage’s ability to change society. The idea might even seem a little ludicrous, yet that’s exactly what Arthur Guinness did with the now-iconic Guinness beer. He was just one person, but he had a heart to see his community enriched and impacted for the better. While it might have seemed like an unrealistic goal, he found a way to do it by creating his own line of beer. Cup by cup and pint by pint, he slowly carved a new path for society through his tenacious desire for helping others, offering them jobs (so families wouldn’t have to be separated to find gainful employment), and a drink that was cheaper and lower in alcohol content (allowing husbands to still enjoy the community of their friends without jeopardizing their paycheck or sobriety the way other drinks of the time had done).

So, when you come to tea, toast your Irish Cream Tea Shot to Arthur Guinness, a man who inspired a change because he believed in himself  and that everyone in his community deserved to be honored and valued!

Featured Products for March

four colorful journals fanned out on a lace doily on top of a table


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

Back by Popular Demand: Irish Breakfast Black Tea

As a region that is noted for commonly taking lots of milk in their tea, it’s no surprise that Irish Breakfast is the strong, malty blend that it is. Somewhere between an English Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast tea in terms of its robust flavor, Irish Breakfast is a strongly-caffeinated black tea that is a great alternative to coffee for your morning, afternoon, or evening pick-me-up. It will be available to purchase in 2 or 4 ounce bags from The St. James Market from March 3rd – March 29th only, or while supplies last!

Tips from a Tea Master: Erin

A lot goes into the perfect cup of tea. Today’s tip on how to brew the ideal cup comes from Erin, one of the Tearoom’s Servers and Reservationists:

“Let’s start with the basis of a perfect pot of tea. Water! In ancient times tea ceremonies took place with water right out of fresh flowing springs! And it still remains that water should be the basis for any perfect pot of tea. Filtered water is ideal to enjoy your pot of tea. You want to balance the amount of minerals in your water so that you do not end up with either a flat tea flavor or a tea flavor that is overpowered by minerals. You should aim for a good middle ground for your tea. It is best to filter your water before you steep your perfect pot of tea. If you do not have filtered tap water, a great alternative is bottled water. In this case a good, quality spring water is your best bet as it has the right mix of minerals. If your tap water is considered hard, it is best to filter so your tea is not overpowered by the minerals in your water. A basic pitcher filtration system works well and also a bamboo charcoal filter (a simplified carbon filter) is a good option.

Here at The St. James Tearoom, we ensure we use filtered water through our boilers to guarantee the best water is used in our pots of tea, every time.”