The St. James Gazette & Market Scoop ~ #69

“A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens”

Celebrate the holiday season this year with our tribute to Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Carol.

Journey through Christmases Past and discover the wonder of the Cratchits’ Sweet Potato Gratin and our December favorite, the Beef Wellington. Be swept away by the Ghost of Christmas Present and enjoy a Festive Cranberry Pecan Scone along with our St. James Traditional Cream Scone, featured this month with a delightful Cranberry Curd. Let the final ghost lead on into a future of sweets, which will include Tiny Tim’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, which is sure to bless us, everyone.

Our “Christmas Carol” menu will be served November 26th through December 29th, 2019. Make your reservations now online or by calling us at (505)242-3752. (Christmas Eve reservations are fully booked.)

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December’s Featured Drink: Hearthside Hot Toddy

First documented in 1786 in British-controlled India, the Hindi word “taddy” referred to an alcoholic drink with hot water and warm spices. Soon, the British took this warm drink back to England where pubs served hot water over Scotch Whiskey to stave off the damp and cold winters.

In our version of this classic winter beverage, our house-blend Hearthside Toddy is served over rum, honey, and a touch of lemon.

Featured Products for December

four colorful journals fanned out on a lace doily on top of a table


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

Best of the City

Thank you for voting The St. James Tearoom one of the top five local establishments for having the best waitstaff, best gluten-free menu, and best undiscovered gift store!

We are honored to be recognized by our guests in these areas, and appreciate being able to serve the Albuquerque Metro area for the past 20 years!

Market Exclusive Teas: Sleigh Bells & Enchanted Snowfall

Serendipitously seasonal, these two teas are returning for the holidays and capture the essence of the season in warm and inviting brews.

Enchanted Snowfall is a black and oolong tea mingled together with creamy white chocolate and coconut in a warm infusion as unique as a snowflake! Available in this year’s St. James Variety Pack alongside the seasonal favorite Sparkling Sugar Plum and some cute tea accessories. Beginning November 26th through December 29th, Enchanted Snowfall will be available for purchase in 2 oz. and 4 oz. bags, while supplies last.

Sleigh Bells is a festive collection of jolly fruits, spicy oranges, almonds, and twinkling sparkles, and this smooth tisane is sure to warm you on a snowy afternoon. Add a few jingles of white sugar to sweeten. Available from November 26th through December 29th, or while supplies last. Sleigh Bells is also offered in our 1-ounce Tiny Tim’s Tins, perfect for stocking stuffers. Only available this time of year while supplies last! Ask any Market Attendant for details.

New Menu Theme Debuting December 31st

We are working hard on a brand-new menu for our guests to enjoy as we welcome 2020! For now, it’s still a secret; but you might want to get your flapper dresses and dinner coats cleaned and pressed.

We will be dropping hints about this theme on social media starting December 11th. The menu will debut for the very first time on December 31st to help us ring in the New Year!

Tips from a Tea Master: Olivia

A lot goes into the perfect cup of tea. Today’s tip on how to brew the ideal cup comes from Olivia, Director of Operations at The St. James Tearoom:

I believe that, just like people, teas have distinct personalities.

Tea pairing, therefore, could be compared to creating a seating chart for a holiday gathering. Your aim is to create a wonderful experience and requires that you know the personalities you are working with. When choosing where to place your guests you might think of these three main considerations:

  • Where should I place the strong personalities as to not overpower others?
  • Where can I place the party starters to liven things up?
  • Where do I place the amiable personalities ready to put everyone at ease?

The same considerations come into play when pairing the right tea to whatever food you’re serving, especially when taking the tea’s body into account. The “body” refers to the tannins in the tea leaves that interact with food differently.

Main Courses Call for Full-Bodied Teas
When pairing teas with a main course item that is herbed, seasoned, or contains protein, like a meat or cheese, you should consider a full-bodied, traditional black tea. This type of tea is strong in personality and characteristics. It is able to hold its own ground on the flavor front while contributing equally to the experience of the food by complementing the food’s unique flavors.

Liven Things Up with Medium-Bodied Teas
The medium-bodied teas at the Tearoom vary greatly in flavor and scent, allowing ample opportunity to liven up any bread course! Medium-bodied teas can pair well with either savory or sweet items—the key is to choose your tea based on the ingredients of your food item and consider the complexity of the flavors.

If, for example, your food item is complex in flavor and has a lot going on ingredient-wise, pair it with a simpler tea, preferably one whose main flavor is the same as one of the ones in the food. These Eccentric Wonderland Scones would pair well with Atlantic City Jubilee, 1923 or An African Morrow. You want to make sure that the food and tea have something in common so that they stir up the potential in each other.

If however, you want to serve your favorite tea, and it’s the one that has a lot of ingredients and flavor, try pairing it with a more traditional or simple food item. For example, Sunrise would pair well with any traditional scone or a simple lemon pound cake.

Desserts are Best with Lighter-Bodied Teas
Your amiable teas are the crowd-pleasing personalities that could sit at any table, but because they tend to shirk back from the spotlight, you want to be intentional in placing them where their best qualities will be noticed. Typically, a white tea, oolong, pouching, or herbal tea is lighter in body and could easily be overwhelmed by stronger flavors. I recommend placing them amongst your desserts, when the boisterous meal is coming to a close. You can of course always enjoy the company of these teas on their own.