The St. James Gazette & Market Scoop ~ #68

“An Elvish Teatime: Journey to the Fairest Realm”

Our journey has been long, with many arduous days ahead; for the next four weeks, starting October 29th, The St. James Tearoom offers you a respite with the Elves to rest and prepare for the busy times ahead. Join us until November 24th for “An Elvish Teatime: Journey to the Fairest Realm,” where you will find yourself immersed in an unparalleled teatime experience honoring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Take 10 minutes to plan your respite before the holiday season approaches and your schedule is filled with tasks and obligations! Make a reservation online or by calling us at (505)242-3752. View full menu.

Enjoy Your Teatime for Free!

Tolkien’s tale of fantasy and adventure would have looked much different if written around lone individuals than a group of people banding together to effect change. The story begins with a fellowship of twenty who wanted to make a difference in their world, but found corruption in the power they obtained. It continues with a new fellowship of nine, who forged a bond closer than even family as they journeyed on a perilous trip to save Middle-Earth from a fate worse than death.

As we celebrate the strength that our own fellowships can provide us, nine randomly selected guests who attend during the first week of our November teatime theme will find their experience complimentary. Make your reservations to join us between October 29th – November 3rd to experience a respite with your own fellowship, and have the chance to finish your teatime without spending a single Canath.

Dwarven Beard Contest

Would your beard make even the most manly of Dwarves jealous? Share your bearded photo with the Tearoom on Instagram for a chance to win!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a photo of your epic, meticulous, groomed, or shaggy beard.
  • Share it on Instagram tagging #stjamestearoom, #beardsofthetearoom, and @stjamestearoom by midnight on November 24th.
  • Tell your friends to vote for the winner out of the selected contest finalists!

Winner will be chosen Wednesday, November 27th!

“May your beards never grow thin!” ― J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

The St. James Tearoom reserves the right to share images submitted for any contests in association with any communications, current or future.

Featured Products for November

four colorful journals fanned out on a lace doily on top of a table


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

Featured Drink: Lothlorien Nectar

Featured this menu, you can enjoy St. James Lothlorien Nectar, a sweet draught sure to refresh even the weariest of travelers. A shimmering swirl of gold and amber this custom blend of St. James green teas offers flavors of apples and honey, a sweet accompaniment to your teatime in the fairest realm!

Sparkling Tea Selection

Bring a little holiday cheer to your teacup with a sparkling tea from The St. James Tearoom.

’Tis the season for twinkling lights and shining ornaments as we embrace the time of year full of laughter and goodwill! Many guests enjoy “Sparkling Sugar Plum” for its fruity flavors and glittery swirl, but The St. James Market carries a number of sparkling teas year-round! The next time you visit, ask a Market Attendant about “Mother of Pearl” green tea or “Candler’s Cherries, 1888” for some variety in your shimmering tea collection.

Also in the line up is “Lady of Marliondolen,” available to sample at the tea bar during our November teatime theme, with delicate roses and glistening pears mingling in this enchanted black tea worthy of royalty.

Pick up a bag of sparkling tea the next time you visit, or request them to be served as one of your three teatime teas! They are all available all year in our St. James Market (yes, even including “Sparkling Sugar Plum”).

Tips from a Tea Master: Adrianna

A lot goes into the perfect cup of tea. Today’s tip on how to brew the ideal cup comes from Adrianna, one of our St. James Tea Masters who is a Shift Leader for the Tearoom:

“Tea can be a tricky thing to get right. Steep times are important in ensuring the best possible flavor and body. Leaving a bag of tea in the vessel you are using for too long will release too many tannins and make your tea bitter. If you don’t leave the tea bag in long enough, your tea may be weak and therefore will not be strong enough to take milk and sugar. Just 30 seconds can alter the flavors of the tea significantly; experiment with steep times to get the best pot of tea for you. ”