The St. James Gazette & Market Scoop ~ #66

“Recipes from the World of Wizards”

Welcome, Witches and Wizards of all ages to “Recipes from the World of Wizards!” Your third year of school has started and classes are in session Tuesday-Sunday starting at 11 am! If you have not already, be sure to review the course catalog and reserve your teatime soon. The express train is currently out of commission, so students are to report to The St. James Tearoom instead of the train station where alternative travel has been established. Please feel free to wear your school robes or cloaks if you have already purchased them. We very much look forward to receiving you as part of the of The St. James Tearoom legacy! View full menu.

Featured Drink: Butterbeer Tea Shot

If there was a way to wrap up the magic of the World of Wizards into a flavor it was surely be a Butterbeer Tea Shot. The most popular drink at The St. James Tearoom is back for “Recipes from the World of Wizards.” One sip of this warm beverage exploding with rich butter and caramel flavors and you may not need your broom to feel like you can fly. Don’t take our word for it, though; here’s what our guests have had to say about this spectacular add-on:

“Butterbeer tea was spectacular”
“Their Butterbeer is better than the official drink!”
“Cheers for Butterbeer! And honestly theirs is better than #wizardingworldofharrypotter”
“The Butterbeer was top notch”
“Butterbeer shots definitely set the mood for autumn”

To conjure this drink at your table simply let your Server know you would like to indulge in this limited-time experience!

First Week Magic: Tea Potion

Guests joining us for “Recipes from the World of Wizards” during the first week will receive extra credit for their attendance. Awaiting you at your table you will find a magical tea that changes color before your very eyes. Make your reservations for August 27th – September 1st to enjoy this experiential potion at the beginning of your teatime!

Featured Products for July

Exclusive Tea: Gratia Serena

A brand-new exclusive tea will be available from August 27th – September 29th! Gratia Serena is a draught of black tea, orange and thyme that causes tranquility for those who seek it. Brew with boiling water in a vessel of porcelain. Add to your potion a touch of white sugar, if you wish.

Photo Contest!

There is something magical about a picture’s ability to conjure feelings in us from a memory of times past or invoke an experience in which we never even participated. From August 27th – September 29th enter your most magical photo taken at The St. James Tearoom for a chance to win a complimentary teatime for two between October 29th – November 24th, 2019.

Tips from a Tea Master: Kim

A lot goes into the perfect cup of tea. Today’s tip on how to brew the ideal cup comes from Kim, The St. James Tearoom Market Manager:

“To enhance the experience of your next tea party, add tea to your cocktails and make the tea party just a bit more special. There are quite a few different options when it comes to tea cocktails, it just depends on what flavor profiles you are looking for. From distinctive bergamot in Earl Grey to different fruit flavors in scented black teas, the possibilities are endless. Here is a recipe that is sure to please:

2 ounces Champagne or sparkling wine
2 ounces brewed Summer’s Bounty, chilled
1 ounce peach syrup
Serve in a flute glass and garnish with a peach slice.

Don’t forget your Hat at Home!

Wearing a hat to tea has been a tradition since Victorian times, one that The St. James Tearoom had celebrated by making hats available to guests to wear during their teatimes. After many years of service, our beloved hat wall was retired, making room for a new area that allows our guests to commemorate their teatime experience.

Since wearing hats to tea is a tradition for many of our guests, we encourage you to wear a hat from home to your teatime. If you don’t have one, The St. James Market will continue to offer tea hats and fascinators for purchase.