Featured on Food Network!

We have the greatest pleasure in announcing that we made the list of FoodNetwork.com’s 20 recommended places to eat in Albuquerque! Click through to find us at the thirteenth image.


Food Network Article


For those who wish to Find Sanctuary from the hectic pace of life, we have been a haven and a chance to take intentional time with one another. Our joy and pleasure is to see relationships grow as our guests spend cherished time together. Whether celebrating friendships, toasting special occasions, or strengthening one another with words of wisdom and comfort, your meaningful conversations and laughter are the very reason we pour every cup of tea and craft every tea sandwich. We have had the honor of serving so many over the past eighteen years—from friends who have known each other for forty years to couples getting engaged to four generations of a family!

Thank you to all of our guests who have come through our doors. Please allow us the continued pleasure of transporting you to another time, another place, toward a return to Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence.

Find Sanctuary.