Creating Memories with your Children Through Afternoon Tea

Getting children to read for pleasure outside school is a challenge in this age of easy scrolling. If your children do enjoy reading, likely it is because of the Harry Potter books. These books draw children (and adults) into the joys of written story and keep them enthralled book after book. For this reason alone, we may be grateful.

But the stories themselves are delightful, adventurous, and magical.  They are all about a small group of friends who must stand up and fight for Good against the evil surrounding them. Kids enter their world, identifying with these friends, and root for Good to win out. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz captured my own attention in my youth, with the evil Wicked Witch of the North, the Wizard of Oz, and Princess Ozma. I devoured all fourteen Oz books. Now there is another set of stories to captivate our children, and we must use what we can to create treasured memories, encourage creativity, and create a thirst for the delights of literature.

September is our salute to these wonderful stories, and it is a perfect time for parents to involve their children in a fun project which will stimulate creativity and create memories.

Consider planning a Harry Potter Tea together! It can be a project your children can anticipate and enjoy being an integral part of.

Of course, to begin, you need some delicious food.  Whether you choose to order our Recipes from the World of Wizards carryout menu for a magical teatime experience, or bake off some fresh St. James Traditional cream scones as a delightful treat, having delicious and unusual food is cause for children to sit and connect in new ways.  But there is so much more that can be done than just having a meal together!

  • Consider reading a few chapters out loud together for some evenings beforehand.

  • Allow your children to determine how each place setting will be arranged. Will you use a different kind of china for each one? Will there be an emblem (or flag) at each place, determining which House that person is from?

  • Create an Apothecary Tea Set for your kids, so they can combine their own tea blends! The Harry Potter books are filled with strange shops where wizards combine elements to create better magic for good and creative uses. Kids LOVE to drink their own blends (of anything), and they will be especially proud to show off their own tea blend.
    • All this requires is purchasing a few types of teas and placing them in mysterious bottles and containers that kids can use to blend their own.
  • Make your own Golden Snitch for each guest and use these for Place-cards.
    1. Download the Snitch Wings Template HERE.
    2. Buy Ferrero Rocher sweets (at most Walgreens and other stores). You want the GOLD covered ones. 🙂
    3. Cut out the wings and small ovals for their names, and glue them on top of the Rocher!
    4. Write the kids’ names on each Snitch.
    5. It’s that simple, but the effect on the kids is MARVELOUS!

I hope you enjoy creating memories with your children this month!
Yours, for the return of Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence,
Mary Alice Higbie