Category: A Message from Mary Alice

Words of inspiration and wisdom from our founder and owner Mary Alice Higbie in her pursuit of Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence.

A Father’s Influence

We LOVE daddies! And we have more than our share of the very best ones! John and his youngest daughter Daniela have made St. James tea a tradition; it’s their special time together. When they come, they bring carefully selected poetry to read during tea. In the beginning, this father specifically sought out the Tearoom […]

Simple Joys of Autumn

Rustling of Leaves Our wants can become so mighty, so insistent and demanding. Our desires to achieve or obtain have a way of growing and multiplying at a pace that far outstrips contentment. Frantic and Famished is no way to live. I tell myself, “Be still!  Cease striving!  Rest, and be content.”  I say, “There […]

An Article from the New York Times: “The Joy of Quiet” This is an important article, and one I think our St. James customers will relate to and agree with. The importance of Quiet in this day and age is an idea we have been urging since the beginning, and now, here is a NY Times article that articulates the same concept well. Someone else […]