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Cheers to Arthur Guinness!

Our Irish theme for this month is dear to our heart, for Arthur Guinness is one of our own British Greats. If you have ever been seated in our St. James Gate, or if you have ever enjoyed a Guinness stout, you have had a brush with Arthur Guinness. His life exemplifies that which we
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A True “Casablanca Romance,” and the Power of the Love Story

 In our age of cynicism, should we consider stories of sacrificial love to inspire, motivate, guide and encourage us? We must admit, human hearts are continually captivated by stories of love and devotion; they are susceptible and tender when it comes to real loving relationship. We cheer for love to succeed; we are disappointed and
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Time to Break Open the Bubbly!

The 4th of December is our anniversary, the fifteenth anniversary of The St. James Tearoom. For fifteen years I have been continually amazed.  The more of our guests I am privileged to become acquainted with, the more I am astonished – a delightful conundrum!  Often when we ask ourselves “why” it is because of something
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Simple Joys of Autumn

Rustling of Leaves Our wants can become so mighty, so insistent and demanding. Our desires to achieve or obtain have a way of growing and multiplying at a pace that far outstrips contentment. Frantic and Famished is no way to live. I tell myself, “Be still!  Cease striving!  Rest, and be content.”  I say, “There
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Constraining the Beast – Cell Phones

It seems a young woman was a guest for tea with Queen Elizabeth II in the Buckingham Palace gardens. She was actually sitting with the Queen, sipping tea and conversing with her when her cell phone started ringing. She looked at her purse in horror: yes, the sound was coming from her bag! The Queen leaned over and said
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Simple Joys

Sometimes it is the simple things that make the richest gifts. How blessed are those simple gifts – an unhurried conversation, an intimate look, a homemade meal eaten at leisurely pace, an unexpected touch.  The ordinary arts we may practice every day at home are those that truly enrich. James, my husband of 42 years
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’Tis it better the milk precede the tea into the cup… …or not???

Are you an MIF or an MIL? …and which one is Queen Elizabeth II?   This is quite an important discussion item in many tea etiquette circles.  Yes. ’Tis true. If you are a ‘MIL,’ you put your Milk in Last. You are easy to get along with. You love your tea, enjoy your life.
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Gentility in a Bully World

Our world is apt to canonize Push.  It will sing the praises of the one who excels at Shove, will call him ‘successful’ as he elbows his way to the top of the heap.  As he treads upon others and pushes them aside, he will graciously nod in response to the loud ‘huzzahs’ and toasts to his
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Living in the NOW – Giving the Gift of Attention

Moments MAY become treasures, priceless jewels buried deep in the vault of our hearts. He was sitting right beside me. He in his car seat, I in the seat next to him, and his parents sat in the front. He was four. He said to me, “Baba, I want to talk to you. Don’t talk
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How Jane Austen REALLY wrote letters…

In Jane Austen’s day, there was no email, and no texting, of course. People communicated in a slower, but much more genteel fashion – the letter. I believe that we are missing that gentility in our own day. In the beginnings of our ‘email age’, we thought it was exciting – “You’ve got mail!” Oh boy!

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