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Mrs. Miggins’s Pantry & Pastries

Mrs. Miggins’s Pantry & Pastries

Mrs. Miggins’s Pantry & Pastries is continually stocked with the most creative selection of cookies, truffles, our St. James Cream Scones, and other delectables to take home to share, and in doing so, to help deepen the relationships important to you, because who can’t get closer to someone over dark chocolate ganache?


Scones to bake fresh at home! (Please order ahead if you need more than a dozen.)

St. James Cream Scones (Frozen): $7 / 4-pack
Gluten-free St. James Cream Scones (Frozen): $9 / 4-pack

Lemon Curd (or Curd of the Month): $4 / 4 oz.
Clotted Cream: $4 / 4 oz.


Miss Martha arrived in St. James when she was 15 or 16, as “Seraphina,” accompanied by an ill and travel-weary man who claimed he was her father. Both had strong accents, thin and fraying clothes, and little else. The father seemed too ill to work, but explained his daughter had experience working in the kitchen of a convent in Spain. Dear, kindly Mrs. Miggins, small, plump, and pleasant, opened her doors and took this silent young woman in as her apprentice.

It wasn’t long before the father disappeared, never to be seen or heard of again. Seraphina never gave any indication of her feelings at being abandoned or left alone in this world, but Mrs. Miggins was the one who noticeably changed. A widow, alone in her home and small pastry shoppe, and with no children of her own, Mrs. Miggins’ heart expanded to envelop this sad and singular young lady. Busy, bustling Mrs. Miggins, the cheeriest and most neighborly of ladies, suddenly was not seen around town. Her wide and friendly focus had narrowed. Her heart, and her time were now directed, and specific. She saw Seraphina: saw her heart, saw her hurt, saw her potential, even to the point of renaming her “Martha” after the bible story of Mary and Martha.


Dear Miss Martha! Of all the notables in our village, she is the most misunderstood. Dressing only in grays and blacks, some would say her manner is severe; I say it is simple. She is silent and stark in appearance and manner, not adept at conversation or comfortable in social skills; but through the love of her mentor, Mrs. Miggins, she must have acquired a riot of color in her heart! For her creations are anything but severe or simple!

She fills the counters of Mrs. Miggins’ pastry shoppe with layer cakes, topped with cream roses and covered with soft, fluffy icing! You will see heaps of buttery scones, mounds of crisp, feather-light cinnamon biscuits, stacks of dense, rich Eccles Cakes! Her Maids of Honour are renowned in the Cotswolds; no bride would do without these at her wedding celebration! When she offers her Frizzled Ham and Potato Pasties, they disappear from her pastry case before an hour is half over! She could be presented to the Queen for her varied and beautiful truffles! Miss Martha’s person may be unadorned, but her creations reveal her inner heart: it is truly lovely! Those with eyes to see Miss Martha’s heart delight in and treasure her.

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